17 December 2009

Thinking outside the box

I was just clearing my desk to make way for the tens of thousands of Christmas cards people are currently handing out (why? Why hand a card to someone, when you can just say the words? Bah, etc), and as I picked up the flyer from yesterday's trip to CUBE, lo, I did behold that tis littered with grammatical inaccuracies.

CUBE are delighted to announce it's annual Open exhibition. Now in it's third year the Open receives submissions and interest from around the globe. This year's exhibition promises to showcase 'the best' work by both emerging talent and more established artists' who's practice reflects current trends and debates surrounding the urban built environment.
Tsk. I'll leave it at that. But tsk.


  1. My card to you was a mini work of art!

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  3. W&F received a nice email from Kit at Cube, explaining (and almost apologising for) the mistakes. Bless em.

    "We recently read with interest your blog and noticed your comment on our exhibition flyer noting the mistakes in copy. Unfortunately, the copy was sent in error to our printers and we were only made aware mistake when the delivery of flyers were made. We are usually highly vigilant when it comes to grammer on our printed material and website, and were disappointed when the errors where found. We do hope you found our interpretation and press releases error free! We appreciate your review and hope you will return in the New Year... "

    I'm sure I will! Thanks, Kit.


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